CR Drost (kentox) wrote,
CR Drost

I have to migrate my blog soon! (And by soon, I mean eventually. This coming week is going to be stressful as I try to jump on top of my classes and wrestle them back to the ground.)

Nobody reads my blog, so nobody need care! But pro tip: if you friend drostie now, you might accidentally catch wind of my future blog entries, when I finish migrating. Maybe.

Earlier, I wrote this. Internet was crap at the time, so it couldn't be posted until now:

The twilight hour approaches, and I look out of my window: at any given moment, one-to-five mosquitos swarm at the glass, seen only by virtue of being backlit by the fading sky. Luckily, the window is closed and my walls are white, so it's usually a simple matter to track them and retaliate when they're inside. Two victory carcasses are already mounted upon the walls -- only two, testament to the security of the bare-bones room.

But sadly, the window is not airtight, and the scent and light piques their curiosity. With canals and dikes et cetera everywhere, mosquitoes are ubiquitous in the Netherlands. They have also become persistent and vicious, and are apparently particularly attracted to my smell. And maybe it's the fact that I'm a foreigner, but I'm much more allergic to Dutch mosquitoes than to American ones. I am not alone on this matter. And two years ago, when I lived in Delft, I prayed desperately for some mosquito netting in my studenthuis, because they would *always* come in, and tracking them and crushing them became an art form. If only I had gone to Amsterdam more often, I might have seen "Klamboe Unlimited", a store which sells only mosquito netting ("klamboe") and nothing else.

In het Nederlands, the name for mosquitoes is muggen -- and the Dutch g is a fricative, so it sounds like you're hawking up a loogie. In English, the proper term is "bitches," as the ones that try to bite you are generally females in heat.

When I'd read the Amber diceless tabletop role-playing game rules, I was amazed at the power of conjuration: creating objects out of thin air. I still think that it's my favorite power from the series. For example, here's how an Amberite could bypass evolution and eliminate the mosquito menace once and for all: conjure a lightning elemental and tell it to zap every single mosquito on the planet. Hard. Sure, people will wonder about the massive reports of miniature ball lightning seen worldwide for a month or two, but the world will be a much better place forever after. Or the mosquitoes will evolve electrical grounding. Either way.
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