CR Drost (kentox) wrote,
CR Drost

Another meaningless dream:

I was in a house with a bunch of other people, and it was an urban or suburban environment, daytime. A bunch of us were playing games in some small living room. I got up to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom was in an odd place without a door, so that anybody walking down the hallway would see your junk if you started pissing in it. This didn't seem to faze me, even though the occasional person walked down that hall. I guess I expected courtesy to work its magic. Immediately after I flushed, a towel fell into the toilet bowl and got half-soaked.

I wrung it out into the toilet and felt a little bad about hanging it up to dry. I don't remember exactly what I did with it. But as I walked back to the living room, I noticed that every basin possible seemed to be filled with water, with fish flitting about. In particular, one part of the hallway was sunk a couple inches and tiled, and there were a couple fish in there, too. I remembered, in the dream, that Grant from Mythbusters would have been extraordinarily creeped out by this, but I just walked on through it.

I couldn't remember whether the toilet bowl was fish-less or not, and it saddened me to know that maybe, the housemate who was collecting all of these fish was going to be mad at me for my stupidity.

As I walked down that hallway, to the right I saw a huge, expansive bathroom area, perfectly clean, with no fish inside. I could have just gone to the bathroom there, and sidestepped the whole issue.

And then I woke up.
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